First sketches

Since the first meeting with my tutor I have been working with a concept for the pavilion based around the the main theme: darkness. One of my intentions has been to contain two sets of volumes, a big and dark theme space and several smaller bright spaces with various function, within the same wrapper. A surface with the dark volume on the inside and bright rooms in the spaces in-between the surface and the ground. The bright rooms will be lit from above through light shafts that cut through the interior dark space, connecting the two sides of the surface without interrupting it. These shafts will be more ore less shaped like tree trunks, creating an atmosphere of being deep inside a dark Swedish forest at night. I will need to investigate different possibilities of how to articulate this interior landscape, but my latest ideas circulates around the idea of a folded origami-like world with a set of larger trunks. This would of course also be reflected on the outside as they share the same surface. See below for an evolution of ideas:

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