My first intentions with this thesis project was to investigate and evaluate scripting methods within an architectural process while creating a pavilion for the world expo in Shanghai as a secondary goal. After discussing this idea with my tutor, we came to the conclusion that I will instead put my main focus on the pavilion, and to use scripting along the way as a tool to get there rather than as a mean in itself. By doing this I think that not only will the pavilion get the attention a project like this deserves but also that each scripting experiment will be more interesting as they will have more focus and an outspoken goal.

The theme for the pavilion will be something very Swedish: darkness. More to come about this soon as well as some first sketches.

// the Swedish expo 2010 page: www.expo2010.se/index.php/den-svenska-paviljongen-och-utstallningen/
// the official chinese page: en.expo2010china.com/

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