The Night of the Living Forest

While discussing the project with my tutor this week we decided that I really need to decide on the nature of the exhibition in the pavilion. While I had already decided upon the more general theme for the pavilion, darkness, I hadn’t really taken any stance in what the actual exhibition would be like. Well, now I have. I was already thinking of the interior space as not a pitch black one, more like a mystical Swedish forest in twilight. I will now take on this road completely, the whole exhibition will be all about the mysterious side of the Swedish nature. The main interior space pretty much stays the same, but sound, light and projections will enhance the experience, materialising the mysterious creatures of the night among the visitors. Something that at first glance is a small hill could in fact be a stone troll in the next, and the mist around the trees suddenly looks like dancing elves. A manifestation of the rich nature of Sweden and its supernatural side that comes out after dark.

Underneath the undulating floor of the forest, inside the caves in the hills, will an accompanying exhibition be located. Visitors can admire Swedish artists, such as August Malmström, his Älvalek pictured above, or John Bauer, and many more who have worked with painting the various creatures of Swedish folklore. Separate rooms, or hills, will house the work of various writers, directors and sculptors. Visitors can read and listen to amazing stories about encounters with trolls or watch films about the small gnomes living underneath us.

In addition to these two aspects of the pavilion, the interior forest and the exhibition underneath, there will also be some more general spaces. A bar, where you can buy a drink and something small to eat inside one of the “caves” and then sit down on top of it, looking out over the living landscape. A shop in which you can buy reproductions of the artwork displayed along with books and films and music. A larger auditorium for readings and lectures in which longer movie features also can be displayed. All together, an exhibition with a strong theme, encouraging visitors to travel to Sweden and seek out these phenomena themselves.

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