The Swedish älva is a creature quite similar to an English elf. However, there are many different opinions regarding their appearance. Sometimes they are small, with wings, but these creatures are in general referred to as féer. The most common view is that they are beautiful girls in white gowns, dancing in the meadows during dusk or dawn, appearing from and disappearing into the milky mist. Even though they often are invisible, it’s quite common to hear their chattering voices, and you can never be certain of you have met an älva, as they can change form into a small animal or insect.

In contrast to how they look, älvor can be quite nasty Anyone who get seduced into their dance gets sick or dies. Even someone resisting the dance might turn mad just by hearing their music. It’s really important not to offend älvor, or you might catch a skin disease called älvablåst or älvaeld. This especially can happen if you pee in the woods without first warning the älvor, who often live in the ground. To avoid their anger, you can always sacrifice small things to them such as needles or coins.

// Source: Älvor, troll och talande träd by Ebbe Schön
// Wikipedia on älvor

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