To create a pavilion that promotes tourism to Sweden, encouraging visitors to seek out the Swedish wilderness, emphasising the mysterious qualities of the untouched nature.

My intention for the exhibition in the pavilion is not to display objects or products. It’s more to provide a sensation of being in a dense and dark Swedish forest, allowing visitors to experience the influence a rich and untouched nature can have on the senses. What tricks natural phenomena can play on the mind and how and why people have believed in the mysterious creatures of Swedish folklore to explain the unknown through the ages. The exhibition will be the pavilion itself, a dark forest with caves underneath, helped by projections, sound, light and fog to transmit a full experience.

The pavilion mainly consists of two parts. The interior forest and the caves/hills underneath. Hills, roof, walls and trees are all shaped from a single self-bearing surface. This surface is closed from the outside with the exception from the entrances and exits which will be formed like rips and tears in the material. The interior forest will be very dark, with only patches of light shining through from above, enhancing the darkness. The surface is irregular and rough, providing seating and a richer and more detailed environment. The caves in the hills of the interior landscape contain the rest of the exhibition as well as auditorium, shop and a bar. These spaces will be partly lit from above, through the hollow trees, which also act like supporting pillars. The queue area takes up around 20 % of the 50 x 60 meter site and is also a hilly landscape. There might also be trees here, so that arriving visitors gradually makes it deeper and deeper into the woods until finally ending up in the forest on the inside of the pavilion.

Required Spaces:
Exhibition - the forest and caves
Bar - in half-open cave/hill, seating on top
Auditorium - in larger hill, for lectures, screenings etc.
Shop - in cave, with separate entrance and exit as well
VIP - a cave close to auditorium and bar
Queue area - with small hills, several entrances to forest
Exits - through caves

Below are some photos of some diagrammatic models I built last week:

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