If the trolls looked anything like the widespread image of a grotesque creature with a tail and pointed ears, clad in fur and with big noses, as painted by John Bauer for instance, it would be easy to recognise them. However, it’s not always that simple. The trolls are very clever and were able to change shape as they please. Normally them looked quite like common people, only better dressed. If you would encounter a luxurious dressed couple in the woods, you better watch out.

Much like the älvor, the trolls could kidnap and capture people in their mountain dwellings. Captured people had to work hard for their new masters, but were normally treated well. The best way to break the enchantment is to speak the name of Jesus or if the local priest would let the church bells ring loudly, as the trolls can’t stand christianity. Another crime trolls might commit is to kidnap newly born babies or exchange if for one of their own.

// Source: Älvor, troll och talande träd by Ebbe Schön
// wikipedia on troll

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