Midterm Presentation

Yesterday, many of the students planning to present their thesis in February had a small presentation for each other. Very interesting to see what the people around you actually are doing. For me it felt good to present what I have done so far, and I got good feedback on what to concentrate on the next half of the project. I’m going to see a professor in construction next week for some help with my panelling problems, but after that I won’t have the ambition to completely solve the structure into every detail but rather at a proof of concept level. Instead I will dig deeper into how natural environments and especially forests can be recreated abstractly. As the building and the exhibition is the same thing, it’s crucial for the project to create the right atmosphere inside and around the pavilion.

During the next weeks I will then analyse natural environments, hoping to find the essential elements needed to recreate their special ambiences. The next step is finding the proper way of abstracting these elements and to incorporate them into the pavilion. I’m also interested to investigate the field of code and nature, learning about the underlying algorithms which control biological growth. Hopefully this will get me some leads into how to program a representation of nature.

// Anyway here’s my midterm presentation: BFX-midway.pdf

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