Natural Abstraction #2

The next instalment in the series of recreations of natural elements is an abstracted tree stump or a small stone. These kinds of elements add another layer of detail to the forest, creating a variation of the ground and offering natural places to sit down. The addition of a patch of high grass also helps to emulate the right atmosphere without being to articulate. The grass is made of a soft plastic straws, folding away easily while moving through them.

Pseudo code (stump):

Input start mesh and start points
For each point:
- outline mesh face
- copy outline and elevate
- tilt elevated line
- create vertices from lines
- create top vertice
- create stump from vertices with delaunay function

// download script: create-stump.rvb
(requires point set reconstruction tools)

Pseudo code (grass):

Input start mesh and start points
Input spread, height and density parameters
For each point:
- create points according to density
- move and rotate points according to spread
- project points to mesh
- find end points according to height
- create straws
- pipe straws

// download script: greate-grass.rvb

This image and the last one are very quick renders, hopefully I get back my own laptop on Monday so I’ll be able to create images that show the ambience I’m looking for.

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