Natural Abstraction #3

Natural Abstraction #3

As the forest needs its foliage to create it’s layered and semi-transparent atmosphere, the caves need an element of it’s own to enhance the experience of being underground. The stalactite is a powerful symbol of the cave, a direct result of the conditions in limestone caves, slowly developing over time. These abstract stalactites are based on the triangular mesh, which is subdivided into smaller triangles and then extruded down to a point. The height of this pyramid depends on the distance to a set of specified attractor points.

Pseudo Code:

Input mesh
Set max generations, height and threshold
Input attractors
- outline each mesh face
- get vertices for outline
- find mid vertices
- create 4 new triangles from vertices
- start recursion until max generations
For each subdivided triangle:
- find midpoint
- find distance to attractor and derive z-value
- derive end point
- create 3 surfaces from 2 corners and end point
- join surfaces

// download script: create-stalactite.rvb

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