Structural Elements

There are two different constructive elements in the pavilion. The walls, roof and floor are all built up by the same structural element, two layers of plywood with a foam core. As one never sees both layers, the distance between them can vary according to need, forming thicker elements and beams when necessary. The second structural element is the tree, which functions as columns, helping to span the greater lengths in the forest.

Each sandwich element consists of the same parts, but the properties of their materials vary according to need. All elements are pre-constructed in specialised and highly automated factories in Sweden, and shipped to China in the empty containers left over from our vast import of Chinese products. These elements are then assembled on site, glued together and secured with connective joints.

The vertical structural element in the interior forest is of course the tree. They help in spanning the 50 meters width between the two outer walls. The tree comes in two different species, both triangular, but one enclosed, perimetric and one open, centric. The trees are derived from a parametrical script in which structural loads and position controls the type of tree and its attributes.

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