Manufacturing Genesis

After a weeks of pondering over possible titles for my project is the deadline finally over today. I eventually decided on the title above, Manufacturing Genesis. Not perfect, but still something I can live with. The image and text for the presentation advertisement here below:

Abstracting Nature with Generative Code, a proposal for the Swedish Pavilion at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai

Professor: Abelardo Gonzalez
Tutor: Morten Lund

The Swedish participation in the World Expo in Shanghai 2010 has been a subject of much debate among Swedish architects over the course of the last year. A questionable procurement put Tengbom Arkitekter in charge of the pavilion but they soon resigned. Sweco took over the project a month later while Tengbom will focus on the exhibition within the building.

Instead of treating the pavilion and the exhibition as separate entities, the intention of my proposal for the Swedish pavilion is to deliver a unified experience. An experience that encourages visitors to seek out the Swedish wilderness, emphasising the mysterious qualities of the untouched nature. A pavilion in which visitors can experience the dark and subtle natural qualities of the Swedish forests, as well as understand our historical relationship with nature. The exhibition will be the pavilion itself, an experience for all the senses, no objects are displayed. The goal is rather to emphasise the close relationship between the mind and the senses and how this effect our understanding of nature.

The most challenging aspect of the project has been to find a representational model of nature. How do you recreate a forest? An abstraction is of course necessary, but which properties are necessary in order to find the essence of an environment? What kind of tree density, trunk variety, leaf work or branching is needed to produce the atmosphere of a forest? To create this abstraction of nature, I have used the same method as nature itself, generative code. In nature’s case DNA, in my project, rhinoscript. By writing algorithms for the terrain, the trees, the foliage, and so forth, I have been able to set up rules in which the building components then are generated randomly within predefined limits.


Babe said...

I min närhet avverkas mycket skog just nu. På ett särskilt ställe utmed en ganska ointressant skogsväg doftar det extremt mycket skog. Den där doften som julgranen ger ifrån sig första timmen den är inomhus.
Jag märker att jag gärna tar en extratur till det där skogspartiet, just bara för doftens skull. Det doftar underbart mycket skog!
Tänk om det skulle lukta skog i pavilliongen!

Babe said...

Märkligt nog pratas det just nu om doften av nyhugget timmer på radio ! Där påstås att timmer med ett svag tillsats av 'hydralolja',det är skogsmaskiner som avger den kryddan, är det bästa som finns!!
Man kan undra om det doftar skog i Shanghais utkanter eller om det skulle kunna bli en exotisk doft där?