The Presentation

2009/02/09, 0900
attending jury: Sir Peter Cook, Christer Malmström, Gunnar Sandin, Ricardo de Ostos, Abelardo Gonzales, Morten Lund

Even tough I was quite nervous, the presentation went well. Afterwards, much of the discussion was about how this synthetic forest I have created would be experienced by the visitors. How this abstract version of nature comes alive without the accidents and incidents which form the “real” nature. In my opinion, the random elements introduced by the scripts, along with the noise and the motion brought into the pavilion by the visitors themselves, would make the interior forest feel alive.

A related issue that was discussed was how the box, the perimeter of the site, is experienced from the inside. Would the existence of a boundary ruin this experience? My hope is that the gradual transformation of the ground into the walls, you can’t really get that close before the surface gets to steep, draws attention away from them. This is also an issue about lighting and their importance in creating the desired ambience.

As it’s hard, or almost impossible, to tell how a complex environment like this is experienced beforehand, a bigger model, maybe even a 1:1 model of the foliage, would be very helpful. The jury hoped to see a full scale installation, something I would really like to do, having the sufficient funds and space.

Finally, we talked very briefly about scenography in opposition to architecture. Where lies the border between the two? Unfortunately, we hadn’t time to discuss this issue further, but in my opinion, if I create a pavilion in which the architecture is the exhibition itself, to make the visitors actors, on a stage to be explored, is the very essence of the project.

The other model I made last week, showing the wires and the spaces they create and define.

Since my thesis project now finally is over, the postings here will probably be less frequent. But I’ll continue to put up new scripts and images as projects come and go.


The Model

Finally, the model is finished. These photos are quite poor, but better than nothing. This week will be focused on putting together the slideshow and presentation, but hopefully I can put together another model as well, showing the space-creating properties of the suspended wire.

// UPDATE: I replaced the photos with some higher quality ones, enjoy.

By the way, the report has now been handed in to the critics, it can be found here and here.