Hex Grid

A general definition for creating honeycomb patterns on surfaces. The definition is based on Luis E. Fraguada’s (www.livearchitecture.net) VB-script component, which creates the basic honeycomb lines. These lines are joined to form polylines from which a couple of different surfaces can be generated by lofting, extruding, scaling and so forth.

In this second image, the aperture of each cell is set in relation to the distance to a specified point.

// download definition file: honeycomb.ghx


eileenee said...

Hex Grid definition does work
on GH 0.6 ver?
Because 0.9 GH has some error,
I erased it.
so I have 0.5 GH.. then In my PC did not work the Hex Grid Definition.

Björn said...

Hi, I'm afraid the definition works only on GH 0.6, since it needs the data trees to function properly.
Most of the new definition rely on the data trees, so I recommend to use the latest version of GH.