A Popular Landscape

Maybe it’s only me, but I think it’s nice to see that someone else intends to put a facetted landscape in Shanghai. Thomas Heatherwick has designed the brittish pavilion which aport from standing in a crystalline terrain, also incorporates fiber-optics for interior lighting. The landscape folds up in the corners, enabling visitors to move in underneath.

Another landscape:


Learning VB-script

Ok, I’ve been away a while, sorry about that. Now, for the last couple of days, I’ve read through the VB-scripting section of the grasshopper primer. Hoping to learn how to put together a bit more complex definitions, with the possibility to use recursive and evaluating functions. As a first exercise, I have written a small script which finds, within a set of points, the point furthest away from each point in the set, something a haven’t been able to do without the script.

// download definition file: connect-points-script.ghx