Bitmap Pattern

Another new feature of the latest versions of Grasshopper is the bitmap component. It’s a component which opens up a lot of new possibilities and it’s really easy to use. You simply load an image, input some points and out comes a value between 0 and 1 responding to the hue, brightness or transparency etc., on that point in the image. You may need a bit of tweaking to get the desired result but it works great. It’s harder to explain how it works than to do it yourself, if you look at the definition it should be very clear.

// download definition file: bitmap-pixel-loft.ghx


eileenee said...

I just download this definition.
but it doesnt work.
IO error occurs.
my GH ver is 0.60019
it is latest ver.
how can I use this definition?
what is problem?

livearchitect said...


Can you reload the grasshoppper file?
The link is dead.