Voronoi Attractor

In the latest release of Grasshopper, David Rutten has incorporated many of his Pointset Reconstrution tools for Rhino. There are, for example, components for voronoi, delaunay, quadtree and convexhull funtions. To have them right there in grasshopper lets you skip the step of calling them from rhino or a script. Great!

To try these new components out, I’ve put together a quick voronoi definition which inputs a surface and an attractor point which influences the sizes of the voronoi cells. The closer to the point, the smaller and tighter the cells.

// download definition file: voronoi-attractor.ghx


Andrea Graziano said...

Hi Bjorn,
thx for sharing all your codes and GH definitions. I add, like always, your post on my blog news. I've also see your pdf thesis ...... really interesting and well done.
Andrea - "DigitAG&"

Björn said...

... and I, like always, follow all the links that you put up on your blog, always great stuff! thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

hi,thx for ur sharing, but voronoi attractor doesn't work? With opening in Grrashopper of the voronoi attractor it shows a note up with the mistakes in chunks...row 2027,position 50.After closing the note there is nothing, no grasshopper ,,diagram". Do you know how to fix it? I will very appreciate for ur help. Marek

tensional calculous said...

thanks for sharing

David said...

Hey, I have a problem applying your veronoi definition on a curved surface. It says It is missing a point, and point is there. Any tips?

mustafa deniz yıldırım said...

Much more than that, this definition has an error at the end. The loft battery does not function because the there is a problem with the last grafts.